About ECMS System

The Electronic Case Management System is a comprehensive solution that streamlines and monitors every stage of a case’s journey, starting from the initial filing, all the way through to resolution and potential appeals, for all types of cases and every involved party.

The Electronic Court Case Management System consists of a complete, electronic authorization of processes related to court proceedings. The system fastens case management procedures and the distribution of information among court employees. An efficient electronic court management system reduces the workload of administrative court employees for each new case, and also the risk of mistakes resulting from human failure. The additional module of Electronic Database of Court Decisions allows any internet user to carry out research in a database on any searching combination (applied clause, law, dispute category, case result, etc.). An automatic dashing system of sensitive data allows this without violating laws of confidentiality. Within the agreed period the ECMS will be implemented for the Supreme Court, Appeal court, Regional Court and District Courts.


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