Core Values

The Supreme Court of Somalia bases its core values on the Constitution, national laws and other internationally recognized principles of human rights and the promotion of the rule of law. The Court continues to foster and uphold the following core values:

• Neutrality. Courts exist to ensure impartial dispute resolution. We must reflect this neutrality in all we do.
• Integrity. Faithfulness and honesty in the performance of our duties is essential to the public’s trust and confidence.
• Timeliness. Justice delayed is justice denied. The public expects justice without unreasonable delay. As a basic courtesy to those who are ordered to be here on time, we should arrive to start on time.
• Equality. There is no justice without equal justice. Everyone’s work is important here. Each of us and what we do is vital to the essential public service the court provides.
• Dedication. Dedication to our core values, mission, and vision ensures our success.”

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